4 advantages of creating a flexible shell around stable teams

Flexible shell freelance workers LondonFlexible shell freelance workers London

In every business there are turbulent times that bring about changes in the organisation. Having a flexible shell around your stable team, it can offer a solution. But what does 'having a flexible shell' actually mean? And what’s the best way to use it? So, a flexible shell means that in addition to your permanent core of employees, you have a flexible workforce you can call upon when you need  to adapt to changing situations and circumstances. There are some great advantages to this flexibility and we have listed 4 of them for you below.

1. You switch quickly and efficiently in peak periods, sickness or leave

An on-demand flexible shell allows you to respond immediately to changes in demand. Is the weather suddenly going to be beautiful tomorrow and you don't have enough people to work the shifts? Within a few clicks, you’ve published a shift and interested FreeFlexers can respond immediately. Or perhaps are there recurring peak periods in the year when the demand for staff suddenly doubles? That’s when a flexible shell offers a great solution, because it can quickly be used in peak periods, sickness or leave of absence. This helps to keep your company moving and efficient.

2. You choose the quality or skill you need

An on-demand flexible shell also allows you to choose who works for you on what day. In this way, you’re always in control, without a third party getting in the way. Based on certain skills, you can choose the right candidate to add to your team.. If you like them, then you can add them to your flexpool.

3. You are agile

Who can say what the market will look like in a year's time. Having a flexible shell allows you to react quickly to events outside your control. It makes you agile. Easily scale flexible staff up and down by using technology to your advantage. In times of crisis as well as in times of prosperity.

4. A flexible shell can start working immediately

Flexible workers are used to being in many different places and to quickly adapt to a new working environment. They have chosen this flexibility because they consider work mainly as an extra income to supplement their studies, hobbies or ambition to start a business. 

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