8 reasons to become a freelancer

Advantages Freelance work tips LondonAdvantages Freelance work tips London

Freelancing. For some, a scary word. For others, a dream come true. Becoming a freelancer offers a lot of freedom and flexibility, which you don't find easily when working as an employee. Things like choosing which shift you sign up for, who you work with, where and when you work – as a freelancer you’re free to make choices that match your strengths and needs.

As a freelancer, you don't have to adjust yourself to a schedule that doesn’t fit the way you want to work. In fact, here are 8 more reasons why you should become a freelancer!

1. You do something you really like

For many people, work is a daily activity so that they can pay the bills. As a freelancer, you work with passion and you see your work more as a hobby! How cool is that?

2. You set your own rate

As a freelancer, you can decide what you want to earn. Do you think it’s too low? Then negotiate your rate! Just make sure you compare your rate with other freelancers – you don’t want to miss out because your rate is too high.

3. Success is in your hands

Your success depends purely on your own efforts. The harder you work, the more money and experience you’re able to achieve.

4. No fixed workplace

Yes, that’s right! You no longer have a fixed workplace somewhere in a dusty office with the same people day in, day out. You can work in a new, inspiring environment every day! And if you do like going somewhere more often, then you can just go. Who's stopping you?

5. Getting started is simple

You can already start freelancing via Temper without needing immediate registration at the HMRC. All you need is a completed account. You are only required to register as a freelancer and file tax returns if you earned more than £1,000 from self-employment in one tax year. In order to file your tax return, you need to get a UTR number. Read more about about it here.

6. Freedom to balance your work and private life

You can easily build the hours you work around your private life. As a freelancer your working hours are flexible and can be spread over the whole week. Do you have an important exam to study for? Or a party you can't miss? No problem, just work a little longer one week!

7. Opportunities and development

There are so many opportunities with freelancing. Every new shift is a chance to learn a new skill. And the more you learn, the higher your rate could be. It’s a win win!

8. You are in control

We saved the best for last. As a freelancer, you decide where you work, when you work and how much you earn per hour. There’s no boss to tell you that you have to work when you can't. You decide. Perfect right?

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