How to get accepted for the coolest shifts. Spoiler, it’s all about your profile!

Temper profile tips freelance gigs LondonTemper profile tips freelance gigs London

Great! Your Temper profile has been created! Now you can start applying for all the best shifts. But what’s this? You're not being accepted for any of them. How is that possible? Fear not. There are some simple and easy steps you can take to make sure your profile is the best around. With these tips, your profile will be rock solid and you can rest assured you won’t keep getting overlooked.

1. The right work experience

It’s worth remembering that when you respond to a shift, you’re not the only one who’s being considered for it. When selecting a suitable FreeFlexer, the client takes a lot of information from your Temper profile. Your work experience is an important part of this, so make sure you always fill these in clearly and in chronological order, starting with your last employer, detailing everything up to your first. Have you worked for 6 different clients in the past 3 years? If so, list them all. The list of all the places you’ve worked gives the client a clear indication of your capabilities and experience. An example of a well filled in work experience is shown below.

2. Show who you are

Clients are curious to see who has applied to the shift, so it's important that you choose a representative photo for your profile. Choose a photo that shows you clearly and by yourself, so not with your dog, a beer in your hand or wearing sunglasses.

Here are a few great tips to follow:

  • Make sure you’re alone in the picture.
  • Use a good quality, that’s not blurry. This really bugs clients.
  • Show your professionalism. Do you want to work as a chef? A chef's jacket will do just fine then! Do you work in the service industry? Then choose a photo that shows you wearing a black or white blouse/shirt.
  • Smile. If you work in hospitality, logistics or retail – smile! Our research has shown that people who smile in their photos are more likely to get chosen. It goes without saying that a client prefers to work with an enthusiastic FreeFlexer!

3. Introduce yourself

On your Temper profile, there is space to write a little bit about yourself. Write about what makes you the professional they’re looking for, such as your characteristics and qualities. Have you completed a hospitality, logistics, or retail-related education? If the answer’s, mention it here.

4. Personal branding

Be aware that a client may do extra research via Google too. So it’s worth realising they will probably check your social media profile. Tip: write on your Facebook and LinkedIn profile that you work as a FreeFlexer and are active through Temper, so the client knows that he has the right person in front of him.

Have you done all that? Great! Now it’s time to start applying for as many shifts as you can. Simply respond to the best shifts and work with great clients. Take a look at all open shifts here and good luck!

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