Meet {Oma's Brievenbustaart}

A shared commitment to community and company values forms the foundation for successful collaboration.

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The challenge:

To make it easy for individuals to transition seamlessly from freelance to permanent employment.  

The solution:

We created a cross-sector collaboration between union FNV Horecabond, Oma's Brievenbustaart, a family bakery and Temper.

By joining businesses and organisations that share our commitment to supporting workers and the community, we can have a progressive and positive impact on society. The strongest collaborations are formed by bringing businesses and organisations together across sectors, so what started as a collaboration with FNV Horecabond to make it easy for freelancers to transition to full-time work was sweetened even further by including a fifth-generation family bakery with an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to the community.

Oma's Brievenbustaart creates unique apple pies that can be sent through the mail –  a delightful new twist to a Dutch classic – and a unique approach to celebrating life's important milestones

The result:

When you work via our digital notice board, we want you to experience the security, flexibility and growth we had in mind when we started Temper. If you decide you are growing in a different direction, we want to make that transition as easy as possible. No fines, no hassle. Just a delicious apple pie to say thank you and good luck.

Eladio Brak (23) was the first to receive an apple pie. He enjoyed working as a FreeFlexer at Hotel V & The Lobby Amsterdam, and it showed. It wasn't long before the hotel asked him if he would like to join them permanently, eventually entering into an employment contract. A short time later, Eladio joined as a hospitality professional. "Through Temper, I discovered where I enjoyed working."

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