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Temper's FreeSecurity protects you

Full-scale accident insurance up to €50,000

Insured means protected. During your shift you’re automatically covered against a range of cases like hospitalisation, becoming permanently disabled or even passing away, all as a result of an accident.

Worry-free business liability insurance

What happens if you accidentally cause an injury or damage someone’s belongings while working? Temper makes your work truly worry-free, as you are automatically covered against these kinds of incidents.

And with the new franchise, any claim over €75 will be fully paid out.

Unique sick pay for experienced FreeFlexers

If you’ve worked more than 10 shifts through our platform, you’re eligible for a benefit that supports you when you’re unable to work due to illness or an accident.

Also, now if you receive compensation for being totally unable to work due to an accident, you can claim up to €1000 compensation for damage to your personal belongings. 

Hassle-free substitution guarantee

Freeflexing is all about flexibility. Plans may change, even when you’re committed. With Temper there’s always a way out. If you can’t make it to the shift and the cancellation period is over, you can simply find a substitute - both within and outside of Temper. That's easy!

Unique protection for FreeFlexers

FreeSecurity is a unique protection suite for FreeFlexers. Temper has been the first company to offer such comprehensive care for freelance professionals.

Find out how insurance may benefit you

John was in a traffic accident and was unable to work for several months as a result. Fortunately, he eventually made a full recovery and TTD Temporary Total Disability Insurance helped him compensate for the loss of income.
John, age 28
Tess walked up to a customer with an order. As she was walking, she didn't see another customer’s bag blocking her path. She stumbled and dropped two cups of coffee on someone’s laptop. Luckily the damage caused to the laptop is reimbursed.
Tess, age 33
Stuff can go wrong on the job, as Kevin experienced when he accidentally injured himself while working as a sous-chef. He was completely out for 3 weeks. The Temporary Total Disability coverage provided him with a little help financially.
Kevin, age 36
Independant working chef
Alice had an accident during her shift. And to be able to help her, the medical staff had to cut up her clothes. Luckily, these costs are reimbursed. After the initial treatment, she needed to stay at the hospital for another 4 weeks. She received €75 per admission day to cover the extra costs for her and her family.
Alice, age 35

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4+ is the rating for over 70% of substitutes

8 out of 10 FreeFlexers successfully found a substitute when needed


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