Connect your planning tool with Temper

Our powerful API allows for seamless integration with your workforce planning and management system. Manage and optimise your workforce quickly and accurately with minimum effort.

Screenshot showing the Temper platform integrating into a workforce management appScreenshot showing the Temper platform integrating into a workforce management app

Our integration partners

“The direct integration has allowed us to grow together. This makes Temper really a partner instead of a supplier. I recommend it to everyone.”
- Bart Nieuwenhuizen, Manager Capacity and Staff Planning, Vermaat Groep
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How API integration can help your business grow

A clock and a calendar showing time management

Save time, avoid errors

Create shifts on your planning system and see them posted on the Temper platform. It removes manual effort and ensures there’s less chance of errors.

A women selecting profiles from and interface

Manage data centrally

All worked hours data will be automatically fed from Temper to your planning system, so you get a detailed workforce overview from a single point.

A database connected to Temper via an API

Connect various systems

Temper’s specially developed and fully customizable integration layer can efficiently be connected to a whole wide range of planning systems.

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