Our promise
to you

Temper gives you opportunities, lets you work where you want and gives you what you deserve.

Three principles
for fairer work

Paid better

You always work for a fair rate, with the option to negotiate more.

Always protected

Experience FreeSecurity: a unique support system of financial protection, insurances and confidential counselling.

You're in control

Experience freedom and flexibility with direct access to a wide range of well-paid jobs.

Seven Temper


You always work for a fair rate.

High earnings, with a decent lower limit.

You can negotiate your own rate, but the platform doesn't accept shifts that are lower than a decent lower limit. Everything above that is negotiable. This way, you can be sure that you'll always have a rate that allows you to be truly independent, expecially financially.


You are always insured.

Peace of mind for everyone working trough Temper.

Only with Temper do you get FreeSecurity: the most comprehensive protection for FreeFlexers. Always included, always free. It means as a FreeFlexer, you’re automatically insured for liability, accidents and disability. This free insurance is provided by our insurance partner Alicia and is applicable to all FreeFlexers.


You can always replace yourself.

You decide whether to do the work yourself or to find someone else.

It’s your shift and so you’re responsible to work it, but you can always arrange for a suitable replacement. If you are unable to complete the job yourself and the cancellation period you agreed with the client has expired, you can find a replacement on Temper.


You always decide for yourself what you are going to do, where and for who.

You're in control of your calendar.

We ask the client to clearly describe the shift so that you know what to expect. This way, you always decide for yourself who you work for, where and under what conditions you want to do shifts. You can find as many clients as you like, without the intervention of algorithms. When you accept an assignment, you’ll be in direct contact with the client yourself. Temper doesn’t play any role in the execution or settlement of the job - it is your relationship.


You won't experience any barriers.

Work the way you want to.

Temper wants to offer you the opportunity to decide for yourself how, where and when you work. That also means you're never tied to us. So if you decide to start working for a client through an employment contract, we won’t send you an invoice, but an apple pie.


Everyone has the same access.

As long as you make a conscious decision to become an entrepeneur.

No algorithms, and no invisible restrictions. If you're allowed to work in the Netherlands, you can work through Temper as a zzp'er. In our opinion, this should always be a well-considered and conscious choice. It’s why you’ll find all relevant information on our site, including information from the Chamber of Commerce and the Tax Office.


You can grow, if you want to.

Training oppurtunities are unlimited.

For those who want it, there are plenty of opportunities for personal development. Various people offer training courses and workshops through Temper. This allows you to take responsibility for your own employability.

You work as an independent self-employed contractor

If you accept a shift through Temper, you’ll work as a self-employed contractor and not as an employee. A relationship that’s confirmed by the Tax Office in the Netherlands.

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FreeSecurity: unparalleled protection

Comprehensive protection in platform work. Always included, always free. Only on Temper.

How you are protected

Our impact

We are committed to great work and we have the figures to prove it.


control of your own schedule

6 clients

average per FreeFlexer


average hourly rate

3.3 months

average active on the platform


of negotiations leads to a higher hourly rate


of people who earn extra money use Temper to kick-start their own business

Stand up for platform work

Great news! A number of people who earn extra money through Temper, have set up a foundation to stand up for this way of working - and in turn, for you. Temper fully supports the foundation and will regularly get together to see how we can improve the platform even more.

Join Stichting Vrij Platformwerk

Work where you like.
Earn what you deserve.

Find thousands of shifts on Temper. You have the freedom to decide when and where you work, and for what hourly rate.