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On Temper, you'll find motivated and qualified hospitality professionals who can instantly fix your hospitality staff shortage. Choose from waiters, dishwashers, hostesses and more, available throughout the Netherlands.

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  • 98.5% is the average attendance rate
  • On average shifts receive applications within 1 hour
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"You notice that FreeFlexers are very motivated and adapt quickly to the permanent staff."
Parkrestaurant, De Hoge Veluw
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Here's how the Temper platform works

Thousands of companies in various industries use the Temper platform to find qualified and motivated professionals.

Insurance and liability, how does it work with Temper?

4 tips to get the best applications on your shift.

Why Lionelisa (21) consciously chooses to work through the Temper platform.

This is how we help hospitality businesses in need

The hospitality industry is facing a severe shortage of staff, and not just during peak hours. While this is largely due to the tight labor market, the needs of people in today's job market are also changing.

Mercure Hotel Tilburg: "Everyone in hospitality needs a 15% to 20% flexible shell."

Park restaurant: "Thanks to Temper, I don't have to hire extra staff during the peak season."

NH Koningshof: "Sometimes we have as many as 60 applications in one day."

The perfect hospitality help

Through Temper, you get in touch with flexible hospitality professionals within a few clicks and free of charge. In a clear overview on the platform, you choose which profile best suits you based on ratings, endorsed skills and attendance percentage, among other things.

  • Verified profiles and skills
  • Build your own flexpool
  • Unparalleled reliability

Hiring permanent hospitality staff, it's tough and there are alternatives.

The personnel shortage in the Netherlands has been reaching record highs for months and there seems to be no change in the short term. This can be seen in almost every sector, but it’s most visible in the hospitality industry. Fewer days a week open, ordering via a QR code instead of at the service desk, or even part of the business or terrace remaining closed. For the guest, this can end in disappointment, while hospitality entrepreneurs struggle with sleepless nights.

Concerns often include how to retain staff: "Every month I hold my breathe when I think about how many staff might leave. The applicants who come in are often very young and inexperienced. Of course we can train them up and they will be able to learn the hospitality business quickly if they are motivated, but the balance with seasoned hospitality professionals is now often lost.” In addition, the staff that are available no longer have the time to teach young talent the tricks of the trade. Temporary employment agencies often offer no solace. The quality of these staff leaves much to be desired, the costs are high, entrepreneurs are stuck with contracts for too long, and there are many sick days.

Create a flexpool instead of hiring staff, that way you can still build continuity.

So the best hospitality personnel in this day and age are not plucked off the street. Dishwashers, kitchen help, chefs and managers are hard to come by. But you can find them using online platforms that offer flexible work. There are thousands of experienced hospitality professionals registered on Temper who can start working for you straight away. You can choose which FreeFlexer suits you best based on factors such as other companies' reviews, endorsed skills and attendance rate. Once you’ve accepted the best candidate, the assignment contract is established. All contracts are based on the model agreement approved by the tax authorities.

Would you like to use the same FreeFlexers and save valuable onboarding time? Invite hospitality professionals to your own trusted flexpool and build a reliable group of FreeFlexers who know your business inside out.

Tip: To build the most effective flexpools for your company, we recommend looking at experienced FreeFlexers first. These are faster up to speed on the ins and outs of your company and provide the foundation to then add a layer of young talent. We find that the experienced layer of a flexpool is well able to take the settling in process out of the hands of the company managers or floor managers.

And the cost? You pay €3.50 per hour worked to Temper regardless of the hourly rate. And you are in control of setting the hourly rate. Check the average rate of comparable jobs in your area as a guide.

Scaling up efficiently for peak season? Prepare with these tips.

Horeca professionals for your terrace?

How does my shift stand out to FreeFlexers? 5 tips.

Total relief: Model agreements with the Belastindienst and insured FreeFlexers.

Corporate Liability:

Temper offers FreeFlexers liability coverage while they are working, including the journey  they take from one event to another. If they accidentally damage a person or property of another (the client, for example), they’re covered.


Accidents can happen at any time. With Temper, FreeFlexers are protected if they become permanently disabled in an accident, whether they’re on their way to or from work. The insurance  covers medical expenses and a lump sum will be paid if they can no longer work and have to change the structure of their life.

Disability (2 years):

Temper offers financial assistance if FreeFlexers are totally disabled due to illness or accident. Compensation runs until recovery, with a maximum of 2 years of coverage. There is also a (one-time) benefit for bereavement leave and birth/adoption leave. This insurance runs alongside other Temper benefits and becomes active once they’ve worked more than 10 shifts through the platform.

Read here more about how FreeFlexers are insured through Temper.

"Because of the rating system, only FreeFlexers with the right qualities apply."
Hotel Okura

Did you know that: a FreeFlexer is attached to a company longer than permanent hospitality staff?

As one of the largest platforms for flexible work, we have a lot of data at our disposal, so we sometimes come across interesting insights that really surprises us. For example, we were surprised when we found out that a FreeFlexer stays with a company longer than permanent hospitality staff. Of course this has to do with the hugely competitive market for hospitality talent, but for us at Temper this still felt like a huge compliment and confirmation of the high quality of the FreeFlexers.

  1. A FreeFlexer through Temper has an average of 5 years more experience than a temp or freelancer on other platforms. FreeFlexers working for companies from Temper have an average age of 27, while the average age on similar smaller platforms is 22. So if you are looking for more experience, you’ll have more chance of  finding the right FreeFlexer on Temper.
  2. The shortage of hospitality staff is causing companies to employ more people who are paid black. Understandable, but not advisable of course. Especially in case of emergencies and accidents, you run a huge financial risk as a company. Added to this of course, is the chance of being caught during an audit.
  3. FreeFlexers are automatically insured for accidents, liability and disability when they start working for you through the Temper platform. This is in cooperation with Alicia Insurance, which means you don't have to worry about this yourself.

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Temper work platform covers self-employed worker against disability

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