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Court rules unions cannot represent Freeflexers

On October 12, 2023, the District Court of Amsterdam in the Netherlands issued a historic ruling with important consequences for freelancers who earn extra income through Temper.

More than 15,000 Temper freelancers made their voices heard and indicated they did not want to be represented at all by the Dutch unions FNV and CNV. All claims filed by the unions on behalf of people who work, or have worked, through Temper are thereby terminated.

15,000 FreeFlexers stood up

Dutch unions FNV & CNV claim to support FreeFlexers but do so by demanding to change their way of working. They insist that, instead of being freelancers, they become agency workers or employees. 15,000 FreeFlexers stood up to protect their way of working. A way of working that makes the labour market more accessible and provides greater freedom and flexibility.

As a result, the Amsterdam court ruled that all claims filed by the unions on behalf of people who work or have worked via Temper have been dismissed. The second part of the court case - talks on the classification of freelancers - continues. So, keep standing up for your right to work as a freelancer.

FreeFlexer insights


opted-out to save a flexible way of working


don’t feel heard in Labour-Market discussions


value flexibility to decide when and where to work

Getting clarity on this way of working

Part of the lawsuit will continue to get clarity on working via digital notice boards like Temper in a more general sense. Temper welcomes this ongoing discussion to contribute to a sustainable and vital future labour market, that serves the interest of the modern worker.

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"The way the unions look at work is in my opinion old fashioned. Thanks to Temper, I could plan my work and studies in the way it worked for me."
"The unions' statements about Temper arranging everything for you are misleading. Temper doesn't decide my wage, or when or where I work. I decide that myself and I'd like to keep it that way."
"I don't want FNV & CNV to represent me in the court-case. Thanks to Temper it was possible to earn well in my gap-year. This flexibility (and these earnings!) would not have been possible if I would work for a job agency."
"Thank to Temper I dared to take the leap to becoming a freelancer. I have no obligations and decide myself when and where I work."

Stand up for platform work

Great news! A number of people who earn extra money through Temper, have set up a foundation to stand up for this way of working - and in turn, for you. Temper fully supports the foundation and will regularly get together to see how we can improve the platform even more.

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