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Highly qualified professionals

Temper has a two-way rating system where the company and the professional rate each other after a shift is over. On average, professionals on the platform score 4.92 out of 5. Top scorers with a solid track record and extensive experience get the Temper Pro badge.

Verified profiles and skills

All professionals on the platform are verified when they sign up. Skills in their profiles are only shown when endorsed by the companies they’ve worked for before. This guarantees you’ll be working with people with the right qualifications and skills.


The largest pool of freelancers

Discover thousands of people who’ve chosen to work for themselves and create a better work-life balance. People who have the freedom to work when and where they want to. We call them FreeFlexers and they’re all insured for liability, accidents and disability.

Tools to ensure the
right fit

Have data at your fingertips

Create attractive shifts through real-time pricing insights. Build and confirm your online reputation as a great place to work.

Choose who you
work with

On average 5 professionals apply for a shift. Make your choice using objective criteria like ratings, attendance rate and skill set at a glance.

Build your own

When creating a shift, you can invite your top FreeFlexers at the push of a button. Add more familiar professionals to your flexpool so you can automatically accept them for future shifts.

Designed for flexibility
on any scale

Find talent

Get started on Temper in no time. On average, you’ll receive your first applications from 487,000+ registered professionals within 90 minutes. Or you can invite FreeFlexers who are available for shifts like yours.


Stay flexible with cancellation periods of from 7 days to 24 hours before a shift begins – plus you can make the start and end times flexible too. And with just the  touch of a button, a shift can be made available for multiple weeks in a row.


Be completely confident with average attendance rates of 98.5% and an average of 99.2% of shifts starting on time. If your plans change, no problem, you can quickly and easily share extra details with your FreeFlexers.

And much more

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