Empower people with opportunity

We’re here to help everyone gain confidence in their abilities and have the freedom to seize opportunities in life. We empower people to find work at the tap of a button. To learn skills that enable them to negotiate a higher rate. And to make work fit into their lives — instead of the other way around.

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We do it
for them

We’re truly genuine about improving the lives of our users. It’s why we started Temper: to empower people with opportunity. Both people and companies get more resilient and energised from using our platform. The job market keeps changing and Temper enables everyone to respond to it better and faster.

Make the labour
market work better


We believe everyone deserves a fair chance. Based on their qualities that are objectively considered — not on their looks or where they were born.

Full access to the labour market

Any industry should take pride in creating work on decent terms. No hidden shifts, no hoops to jump through, no unwarranted hurdles.

More efficiency through technology

Thanks to our smart technology, companies and workers can find each other quickly and easily. This results in better earnings for workers. But above all, it creates opportunities.


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