Create your own flexpool of trusted professionals

Flexpools are hand-picked groups of committed professionals who have proven their skills and reliability for your business. They give you peace of mind, assuring your shifts fill quickly and work is completed to the highest standard.

Positions filled
Quality professionals
Attendance rates

Benefit from consistent quality with familiar faces

Work regularly with familiar faces who understand the needs of your business and have proven their ability to deliver great results every time. You can send an invite as you go through checkout.

Benefit from consistent quality with familiar faces

Fill your shifts faster with alerts

Fill your shifts faster with alerts

Your flexpool professionals can choose to get alerts so they are always the first to know about any new shifts you post. They can apply right away, helping you fill your shifts faster.

Save valuable time with auto-accept

Auto-accept highly rated flexpool professionals, who are available and keen to work with you when you need them.

Save valuable time with auto-accept

See how flexpools work

"The bigger your flexpool, the bigger your spread and the easier it is to fill your shifts all year round."

- Patrick, Assistant Manager, Banqueting Department, Hotel Okura.

Established Temper clients fill over 70% of their shifts using their flexpool

Get the most from your flexpool

Invite FreeFlexers at check-out

You’ll get the option to invite a professional to your flexpool as you go through checkout. At this stage, you’re in the best position to decide if they are a good fit for your business.

Remember, checkout is your one opportunity to enrich your flexpool with top talent!

Refresh your talent

Keep your flexpool healthy and check it regularly. Remove inactive members and always look out for new talent. Inviting someone for a shift a few times allows you to assess them first before the flexpool.

Keeping your flexpool up to date ensures you always have reliable and skilled professionals at your disposal.

Create custom flexpools

Boost efficiency by creating flexpools to fit your specific needs. You can have a general flexpool, as well as specialised flexpools for different regions or job types.

For even greater control, you can create multiple flexpools for the same job, with professionals split by the type of their skills.

Scale your flexpools wisely

Finding the right balance is key. If your flexpool is too small, there may not be enough FreeFlexers available to fill your shifts. With too a large flexpool, FreeFlexers may find it hard to get a shift and lose motivation.

To stay effective, your flexpool size needs to fit the scale of your business. For example, a restaurant with 4 daily shifts would aim for a flexpool with 10 to 15 professionals.

Engage via regular shifts

You can create an unlimited number of flexpools. FreeFlexers, for their part, can participate in up to 8 flexpools. So it's important to make your flexpool as attractive as possible.

You can do this, for example, by posting recurring shifts. By consistently offering employment, you create a strong sense of community and motivate professionals to choose your pool over others.

Keep in touch with your flexpool

Messaging apps allow you to efficiently keep in touch with your flexpool. Easily let professionals know about new shifts and increase the chances of filling last-minute shifts.

Keeping in touch will also help strengthen the bond between you and your flexpool to develop a sense of community and commitment.

Flexibiliteit op ieder moment

Met een hyperflexibele schil ben je altijd voorbereid

Betaal € 3,90 per gewerkt uur ongeacht je uurtarief.

Creëer een Flexpool van kwaliteit

Vorm je eigen Flexpool met vertrouwde gezichten via Temper en houd je team altijd op niveau.

Investeer in je kernteam

Gebruik Temper om het beste talent te vinden. Neem FreeFlexers in dienst zonder boete of extra kosten.


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