Be fully insured

Everyone who finds work through Temper is fully insured providing total peace of mind for both FreeFlexers and for clients. This is very rare, but in our eyes, completely necessary.

In addition to great cover including both liability and accidents insurance, we’re now introducing, in cooperation with our partner Alicia, a new insurance policy that gives professionals a safety net to fall back on in the event of illness or incapacity to work.

What it covers


Provides cover if a professional is liable for damage to a person or another person's belongings, including yours as a client ('supervision'). This insurance is active during shifts that are worked via the Temper platform.


Provides financial support if a professional is permanently disabled or even killed in an accident. The professional then receives a one-off sum of money, and certain expenses (such as hospital stay or damage to personal property) are reimbursed after an accident. This insurance is active during shifts that are worked via the Temper platform, and during commuting.


Provides financial support if a professional is completely unable to work due to illness or an accident. Compensation runs until recovery up to  a maximum of 1 year. In addition, there is a one-time payment for bereavement leave and birth/adoption leave. This insurance is always active worldwide and 24 hours a day.

More specific detail

Below are the highlights for each of the various policies. These give you a better idea of what is, and what is not, covered. If you have any questions, please contact Alicia Benefits.

Business liability

Business liability insurance protects the professional if he or she is held liable for damage to a person ('bodily injury') or belongings of others ('material damage'). With this insurance, the professional is also insured for damage to the equipment he or she works with (this is called 'supervision'). This way the use of a FreeFlex professional is truly carefree for everyone!

Some examples of what is covered by this insurance:

  1. A professional walks up to a customer on the terrace with an order. Because the professional does not see another customer's bag, he trips and two cups of coffee fall on someone's laptop. (Covered: other people's belongings)
  2. After mopping the floor, someone comes running by. They do not see that the floor is wet, they slip and break an arm. (Covered: personal injury)
  3. In your kitchen, a professional is using a mixer and drops it. (Covered: supervision)

Some examples of what is not covered by this insurance:

  1. A professional is working and accidentally drops a glass of red wine. Fortunately, he does not fall over a guest, but over his own new white trainers, which after the accident are no longer white... (Not covered: the professional's own belongings)
  2. A professional has an argument  with someone while at work. It ends in a fight, and the professional hits the person hard. The result is a broken nose, and a charge. (Not covered: intentional)
  3. A professional drives into your van and causes an accident. Fortunately, no one is injured but there’s a big dent in both the van and the car the professional was driving. (Not covered: falls under the insurance of your motor vehicle)


Accident insurance pays out a lump sum of money if the professional becomes permanently disabled or dies as a result of an accident. This is essential because an accident leading to permanent disability can involve very high costs, such as home adjustments or hospitalisation. In case of death, the surviving relatives will immediately receive the payment. In case of a permanent disability the professional receives the benefit after the degree of disability has been established as an unchanging condition.

Some examples of what is covered by this insurance:

  1. The professional is on their way home and gets into a car accident. It was quite a blow, and he or she becomes disabled. There is a permanent loss of function of the leg (Covered: permanent disability). Also, the professional can no longer do the work he or she used to do, and has to learn a new profession. (Covered: training costs) .
  2. After an accident, the professional needs medical treatment. During that treatment, something went wrong and he or she dies. The surviving relatives receive a lump sum. (Covered: improper medical treatment after an accident)
  3. The professional has had an accident. In order to be able to treat them, the medical staff cut their clothes. Fortunately, these costs are reimbursed. For recovery, the professional is hospitalised for another 4 weeks. For every day of hospitalisation, the professional receives €75 to cover the extra costs for themselves and their family. (Covered: personal belongings & hospital stay)

Some examples of what is not covered by this insurance:

  1. A professional has been working a shift, and has a few too many drinks with colleagues afterwards. . The professional gets on their bike and goes home having had one drink too many. They miss a red traffic light and they collide with a car. (Not covered: alcohol)
  2. A professional gets into an argument with a customer while working. Suddenly, the client lashes out, and the professional fights back in anger. (Not covered: fights)
  3. On a hot day, a professional decides to cool down after a shift with some colleagues by jumping from a bridge into the water but hits something in the water on impact. Due to this, the professional becomes partially paralysed. (Not covered: daring, and outside of work and travel time)

Temporary total disability (1 years)

This insurance is for when the professional becomes incapacitated, and is therefore unable to work at all for a long period of time. It also provides cover if the professional is still a student and is not physically able to attend lectures etc. at the training institute. This can be the case, for example, when a student is unable to attend lectures after an accident, or when he or she becomes ill. With this insurance the professional receives monthly payments so that he or she is not suddenly without income. This specific temporary total disability insurance is only available to professionals who have worked 10 times via Temper. If the professional is sick for more than 2 weeks, he or she receives an allowance until he or she has recovered (for a maximum of 1 year). The amount of the monthly payment is based on the average monthly Temper earnings in the 3 months before the professional became disabled. The professional receives 70% of that amount each month.

What happens if the professional becomes incapacitated?

The best way to explain this is with an example; the professional in question is called Sophie. Sophie earns some extra money by taking on jobs through Temper. Unfortunately, she suddenly becomes very ill, which makes it impossible for her to work for a long time. She had worked more than 10 shifts through Temper, and so she’s eligible for the temporary total disability insurance solution. When it becomes clear that she can’t work anymore, she reports this to Alicia using the Temper app. Together with Alicia and the insurer, Sophie maps out the situation and they look at how Sophie can get back to her old self as soon as possible.

In the 3 months before Sophie became ill, she earned an average of £1800 per month through Temper. After 2 weeks, Sophie receives £1260 per month (70% of £1800). Fortunately, after 7 months she is back on track! The monthly benefit stops.

Some examples that are not covered by this insurance:

  1. The professional travels home from a party and gets on their bike having had  one drink too many. He or she does not see a red traffic light, and has a collision with a car. (Not covered: alcohol)
  2. The professional gets into an argument with someone while he or she is at work. It ends in a fight. The professional hits the other person hard and breaks his leg in the process. (Not covered: intentional)

This information was compiled by Alicia Benefits. For more information, please contact Alicia Benefits.