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Earn on average
£12-17 per hour
Get paid
in 3 days
Pick from
1,000+ shifts
Cancel up to
24h before your shift

Work on your own terms

You decide when and where you work. Choose from thousands of shifts in all kinds of industries. Plan your life how you like it.

Change of plans? Simply change your work planning, too.

1,000+ shifts
5,000+ companies
24h cancellation

Maximise earnings,
minimise uncertainty

Earn £12-17 per hour on average, with the option to negotiate your rate. Choose direct payment and get paid within 3 days. You're also protected by FreeSecurity.

This unique offering includes health, accident and liability insurance, plus support from a trusted advisor. All for free!

Earn £12-17 per hour
Get paid in 3 days
Negotiate your rates
Work with trusted companies

Free protection cover

Upgrade yourself - and your rates

Make your profile a client magnet! The platform is full of opportunities to develop yourself personally and professionally.

Try different job types, learn new skills and use it to negotiate higher rates.

31 job types in 7 sectors
Gain different skills
Build your profile

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What's the difference between a FreeFlexer, a freelancer, a temp, and a flex worker?
What's the difference between a FreeFlexer, a freelancer, a temp, and a flex worker?
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