We like to share how much you can save with Temper

Temper provides experienced freelancers, on a shift-by-shift basis, just when you need them.

But we’re not just flexible, we’re also price competitive, not just compared to traditional agencies but even when compared to direct employment. That’s why we’ve built a simple tool so you can compare costs for yourself.

Just enter your hourly wage and hours per week and we get in touch to share the results.

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Remember, with Temper you always benefit from:

  • No talent attraction costs: we’ve sourced and onboarded over 50,000 freelancers
  • Shifts as short or as long as you need. You only pay for actual minutes worked
  • Insurance: all freelancers are insured, for every shift worked on Temper
  • Breaks can be paid or unpaid, as you prefer

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Terms and conditions

Businesses must be referred before 30th April 2024. The referred business must post at least three shifts, have them worked by FreeFlexers and successfully complete the check-out process for credit to be received. Referred business must be located within the Netherlands, UK or France. Only businesses who do not have a pre-existing account with Temper are eligible. If a business is referred by more than one person then continues to complete the check-out process, the first person to refer gets the referral reward. There is no limit to the number of businesses that an individual is able to refer. Under all circumstances, Temper reserves the right to decline the issuance of a referral voucher or reclaim it, even if a referral meets the eligibility criteria specified in the preceding section.