4 tips for getting the best applications for your shift

Freelance shift professionals tips LondonFreelance shift professionals tips London

If you need flexible workers to fill the gaps in your schedule –Temper gives you direct access to the largest supply of professional FreeFlexers. Just create a free account and then choose from verified profiles with details on their skills, motivation, and experience. When you do find a suitable match for your published shift – you’ll only pay per hour worked and nothing more. No account yet? Let’s get that sorted. Create an account here.

A shift on Temper can be set up in just a few clicks. But how do you make sure you always get the best applications for your shift? FreeFlexers use the platform to look for shifts with clients who suit them, and hear from other FreeFlexers about clients they recommend. How can you become the kind of client that FreeFlexers like to come back to? Here are 4 top tips:

1. Publish a shift as far in advance as possible

FreeFlexers look for shifts that fit their schedule and we know that most of them plan around two weeks ahead. So if you can do the same, you’ll have the best candidates to choose from and be guaranteed to find a match. Depending on the cancellation terms you choose, you can always cancel the shift if it doesn’t go ahead. This way you remain flexible, but you still have the choice of the best candidates!

Of course, it’s still ok to publish a last-minute shift. In that case, please take into account you may need to offer a higher hourly rate.

2. Choose a suitable hourly rate

If you’re not sure what a fair and suitable hourly rate is – just check the average rate for similar shifts in your region. We’d also add that, the more urgent the shift is, the higher the rate should be. In fact, the hourly rate is one of the most important factors to consider when publishing a shift and increase your chances of getting suitable applications.

Here’s a bonus tip: increase the hourly rate automatically if there are no applications 48 hours before the shift starts. That usually gets good results! 

3. Act immediately when you receive applications

When the applications come in, make sure you don't wait too long to respond. As a good guide – the best performing clients respond within 22 hours. FreeFlexers prefer to know as early as possible whether they can work for you or not. Our own research has shown that a rejection of an application is better than no response at all. An added advantage of responding quickly is that the FreeFlexer knows where he or she stands and you have enough time to contact them before the shift.

4. Accept the checkout as soon as possible

We’d advise accepting their checkout asap – or submit a counterproposal if the checkout is not correct. The main reason is that it’s only after you accept it, that the payment process can begin. Once you approve their checkout, FreeFlexers get paid within 3 business days, and of course from their perspective, the sooner they get paid, the better.

By following these tips, you’ll show good clientship and build a reliable network of FreeFlexers who like to work for you!

Want to know more or need help? Check help.temper.works or contact our Support Team at [email protected].

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