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Temper flexible shell freelance workers London Temper flexible shell freelance workers London

Building a flexpool with FreeFlexers who have proven their worth allows you to have flexible professionals on tap, who are willing to come to work for you more often. You can automatically accept FreeFlexers, so that you can fill your shifts faster, and FreeFlexers are also more likely to respond to shifts when they are members of your flexpool.

But did you know that you can also 'Invite FreeFlexers'? With this handy function, you can proactively get your shifts filled and also have more control over the sign-ups instead of sitting and waiting for FreeFlexers to sign up.

How does it work?

  • Go to your schedule and click on a shift.
  • At the top you will see a button: 'Invite FreeFlexers'.

You'll see 2 options:

1. Suggested FreeFlexers

Here you get to see all the available FreeFlexers based on the following criteria. The FreeFlexer:

  • has worked in a relevant job category
  • has no bad reviews
  • is nearby (within 20 km on location)
  • and has indicated that they’re looking for a shift on the day in question.

You can invite one or more of these FreeFlexers – anyone  who responds to your invitation is automatically accepted for the shift.

2. Invite a specific FreeFlexer

Here you can invite specific FreeFlexers for the shift who have worked with you before. You can search for these people by name or by email address.

With both options, the invited FreeFlexers receive an email notification that describes your shift. The FreeFlexer can then go directly from the email to the shift and accept the invitation.

Start inviting now!

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