12 things you want to know before you start freeflexing

Within a few clicks you have created a profile as a FreeFlexer. Yay! You can start right away, but of course as a future or new FreeFlexer you would like to know what you need to know when you start freeflexing. Read on for the answers to 12 frequently asked questions.

1. What is freeflexing?

If you work via our platform, you are a FreeFlexer. When freeflexing, you work for yourself and you have the freedom to determine which jobs on our platform you respond to. Because you can work for various hospitality or retail companies, every day will be different.

2. What is the difference between Temper and an employment agency?

As a temporary worker, you have a contract and you are on the payroll of a company. Via our platform, you work as an independent entrepreneur and you don’t have a contract with anyone.

3. How much work experience do I need to start?

That depends on the type of work:

No experience necessary: Cloakroom, cleaning, site crew hospitality and retail, packer, warehouse help, merchandise, service, training, volunteer and delivery

Minimum 5 months experience required: Bartender, barista, host(ess) hospitality and retail, catering, room service, housekeeping, sales, retail or in service

Minimum 1 year experience required: Assistant chef

A minimum of 2 years experience required at 2 different employers: Independent chef

4. I'm on the payroll at my main job. Can I also work via Temper?

Yes, you can. However, you may end up in a higher tax bracket. In the Netherlands, your income from work is taxed via tax box 1. The tax authorities (called De Belastingdienst in Dutch) add up both gross incomes. If your gross income increases, for instance because you have become a FreeFlexer, it is possible that part of your income will be taxed in a higher tax bracket. See the article about rates and tax brackets of the Tax Authorities.

Also want to get started as a FreeFlexer? Register here.

5. How do I get enough work?

As a FreeFlexer you are responsible for arranging your own work. On our platform there are on average 15,000 new shifts per week, so you'll always find something of your taste. Use the filters in the work overview to find the shift that suits you best. Do you meet the requirements - for example the amount of work experience - and are you available? Then click on 'Confirm and respond'. The client (for example the restaurant or shop where you work) selects the FreeFlexer who best suits the shift. If you are the chosen one, you will receive an email with the confirmation.

6. How do I increase my chances of being selected?

Often, more than one FreeFlexers respond to a shift. The client decides who can work the shift. Respond to several shifts at once, to last-minute shifts and to shifts with few applications. That way you have the best chance of getting work. Have you worked somewhere and is the client satisfied with you? Then you may get invited to his flexpool. From this position, you are considered as a preferred FreeFlexer and the chance that you will be chosen is even bigger.

7. Are travel expenses reimbursed?

No. Travel expenses will nog be covered by the clients you work for. The hourly rate includes travel expenses, accommodation costs, any material costs and other expenses. In exceptional cases, travel costs are reimbursed. If so, it will be stated in the briefing.

8. When will I get paid?

With almost every shift, you have the option to be paid within 3 or 5 business days for 2.9% of the invoice amount. Don't you want this or is it not possible? Then you have to wait until the client pays. This takes 15 to 30 days on average.

9. What about insurance?

Temper believes that you should always be properly insured. Therefore, as a FreeFlexer, you are automatically insured for liability, accidents and disability from 15 April 2022. This collective insurance is offered by insurance partner Alicia and is free of charge for FreeFlexers.

10. What if I can't come to work?

Are you not able to go to your shift and are you too late in cancelling because the agreed cancellation period before the shift begins has already started? Then you have to arrange a replacement yourself. Fortunately, this can be done very easily via our platform. Is it not possible to arrange a replacement or to come yourself? Then you get a no-show for which the client sometimes claims a fine of €100.

11. Which taxes do I have to pay as a FreeFlexer?

As a FreeFlexer, you have to pay income taxes (called 'inkomstenbelasting' in Dutch), just like every other Dutch person. Income declarations are annual. It is less scary than it seems, but if you have any doubts, you can always consult an accountant. If you do not make use of the small business scheme (KOR), you also have to declare sales tax 4 times a year.

Please note: you only file a sales tax return if you do not use the small business scheme (KOR). Read all about the KOR here.

Turnover tax return (VAT return)

For each hour that you work, you will receive 21% VAT on top of your hourly rate (if you do not make use of the small business scheme). The client pays you this. The hourly rates on our platform do not include VAT. Every quarter, as an entrepreneur, you pay the VAT you have received to the tax authorities when you file your sales tax return. We give you 5 tips for filing your VAT return.

Income tax return

As a FreeFlexer, you pay tax on your income, just like everyone else who earns money in the Netherlands. This is called income tax. Read our most frequently asked questions about income tax.

12. Can I try out Temper?

You can work through our platform once without needing a VAT identification number (VAT-ID or btw-id in Dutch). This gives you a taste of the freedom you have as a FreeFlexer, while you are still getting paid. Do you want to take on more shifts? Then you need a VAT-ID just like any other self-employed person. No worries. We explain how it works.

Is your question not listed? Search our helpdesk for an answer or contact support via live chat, support@temper.works or call 020-241 4009.

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Curious about more tips & tools? Be the first to know about the latest news.

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