The Court of Amsterdam's Ruling: Shaping the Future of Freelancers and Labour Market Reform

Boy and girl working in hospitalityBoy and girl working in hospitality

On October 12, 2023, the District Court of Amsterdam in the Netherlands made a groundbreaking ruling with significant implications for freelancers and the future of work. This ruling applies explicitly to independent freelancers who find work through Temper. Initially, Dutch unions tried establishing a legal connection claiming to speak on behalf of all those who work—or had worked—via our digital notice board. However, over 15,000 freelancers voiced opposition, claiming the Dutch unions did not represent them or their best interests. In response, the District Court of Amsterdam dismissed the union's claim while still allowing discussions on freelancer classification to continue.

Giving Freelancers a Voice and a Seat in Labour-Market Discussions

This groundbreaking verdict represents a significant turning point, emphasising the importance of granting freelancers a voice and rightful place in labour market reform. For freelancers working through Temper, this ruling gives them the autonomy to control their income security and the flexibility to choose when, where, and how they work. Beyond the verdict's legal details, it acknowledges the ongoing need to recognise the autonomy and flexibility that freelance workers desire, the shifting aspirations of this essential and valuable workforce and the incompatibility of traditional employment models with this vital group. This new type of worker has the right to greater control and independence over their professional lives, which has a ripple effect across the broader labour market. 

Next Steps: A Call for Ongoing Dialogue

Meaningful change requires open and continuous dialogue among all stakeholders. This goes beyond legal decisions and necessitates conversations between workers, businesses, government officials, trade unions, and politicians. Understanding the unique needs and preferences of the new way of working is paramount. At Temper, we firmly believe dialogue is the key to fostering a flexible and secure labour market. By giving freelance workers more control over their professional lives, we can create an efficient and accessible labour market that benefits everyone.

Read the press release here.

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